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HOUSE RULES You Must Follow

Funny house rules you must follow
List of house rules to follow humor quote


  • If you sleep on it – MAKE IT UP!
  • If you step on it – WIPE IT UP!
  • If you drop it – PICK IT UP!
  • If you wear it – HANG IT UP!
  • If you eat out of it – WASH IT!
  • If it rings – ANSWER IT!
  • If it howls – FEED IT!

Clean House Secret

I am going to tell you the SECRET TO KEEP YOUR HOUSE CLEAN AND TIDY!

How to keep your house clean

What you have to do is very simple. Just keep your kids and husband out of the house!

A Crazy Person In My House!

sometimes I panic hmor quote
A crazy person funny quote

Sometime I PANIC thinking there’s a CRAZY PERSON in my house! But then I realize it’s just ME.