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Do You Spit or Do You Swallow?

Very funny DOUBLE ENTENDRE quote about wine tasting!

Humor wine tasting funny quote
Do you spit or swallow funny quote

The other night I went out on a date with a very pretty girl, and I asked her: DO YOU SPIT or do you SWALLOW?

She immediately slapped me hard on the face and took off.

I’ll never take anyone out for WINE TASTING again!

How You Put Up With Me?

relationship funny quote

Sometimes I wonder… HOW DO YOU PUT UP WITH ME?

But then I remember that I put up with you! SO WE’RE EVEN

Relationships Nowadays

Funny relationship quote

Nowadays some relationships are like TOM & JERRY. Couples disagree and argue all the time, but still they can’t live without each other… (When you read this, did you happen to feel a certain familiarity?!)