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Category Archive phone – Page 2 – FUNNY QUOTES

Good Morning Baby

There’s some luck people that wake up finding messages like, “GOOD MORNING BABY”. Me??? I wake up to with dam message, “Battery full, remove charger”.

Hey Girls Listen Up

Girls Listen Up


Here are some tips for when you’re texting guys:

1 – Don’t expect a reply every five minutes. Watching a football game can be over an hour.
2 – Try to keep your texts short. It gives us a chance of answering during commercial breaks.
3 – Always try to attach a sexy pic. Guys love sexy photos!

Don’t Worry I’m Fine Now

Don't worry, I'm fine now

HUSBAND: Quick, call an ambulance! I’m having a heart attack!
WIFE: (took his phone) Tell me the password.
HUSBAND: Never mind, I’m feeling better now…