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Spelled Backwards is the same!

Did you know that if you spell DAMMIT I'M MAD backwards is DAMMIT I'M MAD?

Did you know that if you spell DAMMIT I’M MAD backwards is DAMMIT I’M MAD?

Of course you have to move the apostrophe… but that’s just a detail.

Be Careful With Your Words

Attention using your words!

funny words power quote
funny tongue has no bones humor quote

A tongue has no bones yet it’s strong enough to break a heart.

So be careful with the words you say…

You Mother Fo-rklift!

Funny quote autocorrect humor
Autocorrect humor funny quote

I hate AUTOCORRECT systems that nowadays are everywhere! Everytime I write some type of curse word it auto corrects!

STOP tampering my curse words Autocorrect, you Mother Forklift!