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Humorous pictures and images gallery of very funny quotes and stupid sayings.


Me in a mental asylum funny quote

Sometimes I wonder how come I’m not in a MENTAL ASYLUM? Then I take a look around at everyone else and realize that perhaps I already am!

Message To Friends & Relatives

Funny message to friends and relatives humor.
Funny message to friends and relatives humor.

I want to tell you that all that stuff you’ve sent me like BEST WISHES, Angel Letters, Chain Letters, and other promises of good luck NON OF THAT WORKED! So next time, could you please just send me cash, chocolates, wine, vodka, or an airplane ticket instead?! Thank you!



Survey about husbands funny quote

A survey was conducted to know how many husbands agree that their wives are always right.

9 out of 10 agreed and the one which didn’t, hasn’t been seen since…