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Category Archive saying – Page 9 – FUNNY QUOTES & HUMOR

Funny sayings and proverbs with images.

How You Put Up With Me?

relationship funny quote

Sometimes I wonder… HOW DO YOU PUT UP WITH ME?

But then I remember that I put up with you! SO WE’RE EVEN

Milk Gives You Strength

What gives you more strength, MILK or VODKA?!

Milk gives you strength funny quote
Humor milk funny quote

People say that milk gives you strength. So I drunk five glasses and still I couldn’t move the wall… But when I tried five shots of vodka, I saw the wall move itself!

Be Careful With Your Words

Attention using your words!

funny words power quote
funny tongue has no bones humor quote

A tongue has no bones yet it’s strong enough to break a heart.

So be careful with the words you say…